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Wallstreet is a application for the handling of changable product prices in bars, clubs, etc. The entire package includes the following applications:

  • Wallstreet server (Used for calculation)
  • Wallstreet configuration utility
  • Wallstreet client (Used for data input or output)
The installation can be done easily with an installation utility.

The Wallstreet Bar Software is written in Delphi 4.0 Client/Server.


  • Scalable due Multi-Tier architecture
  • Customizable output (messages, time counter, (fake)trends)
  • Comfortable installation and configuration
  • Stock market crash function
  • Prices can be freely manipulated
  • Number of selled drinks is counted
  • Price range can be set for each drink individual
  • Requires no database server (uses a license free dBase database)

Technical Details
Platform: Win32 (Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000 or higher)
Database: dBase IV
Language: English (Output mode fully customizable)
Max. # of drinks: 15 (depends on screen resolution)
Communication / Network: Multi-Tier architecture (MIDAS) over TCP/IP sockets (using Borland Socket Server)
Required screen resoultion: 800 x 600
License: Mozilla Public License (MPL)

Points of note

Sun Nov 05 2000: (pberger)

Version 0.2.0 for download available

Sat Jan 01 2000: (pberger)

Started a SourceForge project

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Last modified: Sun Nov 05 2000
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